About us

Javisst’s focus is mainly on creative businesses, such as artists, architects, etc. From our experience we know that these businesses do not have the time to create a website and do not realize the “value” of a website or online marketing.

They still see a website as their business card, but do not realize that a website can also be used for getting more awareness –  at limited cost – to their work. Javisst helps their clients to understand the basic principles of online marketing (website design, SEO, SEA, etc.). With this knowledge they are able boost their business.

Who is behind Javisst?

Javisst.nl was founded in 2010. Philip has been working as an online marketing consultant for many years. He started working at an online marketing agency and managed the online marketing activities of an online pharmacy. In these years the performance of the website increased by 300%.

During the years Philip gathered a big group of ” creative friends” around him. Within this group of friends there are designers, artists, copywriters, directors, and marketing specialists. In this way Javisst is able to find a solution for many challenges.