The secrets of SEO

Most creative people see their website as an extension of their business card. Is this the right way of looking at a website? We have a different view and we gladly share our vision with you. Please contact us and we will help!

No money required – only Art

Javisst starts up a barter system. What does this mean? This means that an artist gets a website without paying any money. Instead he/she offers his art work – which is sometimes priceless. With this barter system Javisst tries to help artists who do not have the funds for creating a website.

The first “Barter System co-operations” have started. The feedback is very positive. The artists get new inspiration. Besides the artists are happy that they are finally able to remove the project “website” from their to-do-list.  If you are interested in more information, please contact us.

Dare to think out of the box to satisfy your customers

The e-commerce webshop Amazon is often seen as just an online bookshop. But is this also the case? We do not agree with this statement, because the webshop is leading in developing new ways of improving the shopping experience of their customers. Some time ago we purchased their e-reader Kindle. Not only because the e-reader is a perfect device, but also because we wanted to update our Amazon shopping experience. After 4 days we received the Kindle, which is rather fast for an international shipment. But most we were suprised about the packaging of the Kindle. the packaging contains some funny things, e.g. barcode contains a man reading a book, and the packaging carries the stamp “frustration free packaging”. A perfect example of thinking out of the box! If you want to know more about improving the shopping experience of your website, please contact us