The secrets of SEO

Most creative people see their website as an extension of their business card. Is this the right way of looking at a website? We have a different view and we gladly share our vision with you. Please contact us and we will help!

Why are you not using wordpress?

Although wordpress is old news for us, we often see new opportunities for our clients. Most of the time our client do not know or do not understand the power of wordpress. This is not only the case in the creative industry but also in other industries. We think that wordpress is a powerful online marketing tool. In this article we will not explain all ins and outs about wordpress. Just google “wordpress” and you find all information about installation, system requirements, plugins, templates, and so on! If you are looking for more information about the usage of wordpress within your online marketing strategy, please contact us!

Why should you care about Link Juice?

In the world of Google the most important thing is adding value for their customers. If your website is important for their customers then Google offers you a reward…..a good position within their search results. The importance of your website is also determined by the amount of website which are linking to your website. In the philosophie of Google this is a sign that your website is important  for others to direct their visitors to you. In search engine optimalisation terms this is called ” getting link juice”. If you want to know more about the imporantance of link juice (linkbuilding), please contact us

What does the Google Panda want?

Is the big fuss about the Google Panda update understandable? We have our opinion about it, but it is better to find out yourself. Below you find the video from This website helps SEO-professionals with their business. In the video they explain the thoughts behind the Panda Update. After watching the video you know what the Panda wants, namely “UX”. But what is UX?

If you want to know more about the Google Panda Update, please contact us

Finding New Business Partners with Google Search

Every day many professionals are using Google Search for finding new business partners. Recently I talked with a senior account manager within the payment industry about this subject. He explained to me that he found it difficult to get good search results / business opportunities when he searched for new partners within a certain country, especially within an industry which uses a lot of international words (e.g payment service provider).

After our conversation I continued thinking about our conversation, and started my own search journey. Before searching I wrote down keywords which were related to the desired goal: “a new payment partners”. If these companies designed their website according to the basic SEO rules, then they would include these keywords within the TITLE. For this reason I started my search by using the following search operators: [intitle:payment service provider]*. By using this search operator I managed to filter the search results, and get a list of companies who believe that the word PAYMENT represents the content of a certain page / business (if home page is found).

In this case I needed to find italian companies, however the search results now showed websites from all kinds of countries. To solve this there are two solutions. I could visit and use [intitle:payment service provider] * and select the filter “Pagine da: Italia”. Or use and add the search operators:“”, so the full search query is [intitle:payment service provider]*. The search operator “” tells google to show only websites which have the domain extensions “.it”.

If you want to filter the search results even more, then you can add the operator “inurl:payment”, so [inurl:payment intitle:payment service provider]*. With this operator you indicate that the search results should only show websites with the word “payment” in the url. The number of search results will be much less, but the websites which are shown, are definitely focussed on the subject “payment service provider”.

There are more advanced google search operators. For more information please visit the website:

After a hour, trying out several international keywords, translated keywords and operators, I found a good list of italian Payment Service Provider companies. I e-mailed the list and received an enthusiastic email back from him. I managed to find some new companies 🙂

(*) you don’t need to enter the brackets at the google search bar. They are only placed into this text for marking the full search query.