The secrets of SEO

Most creative people see their website as an extension of their business card. Is this the right way of looking at a website? We have a different view and we gladly share our vision with you. Please contact us and we will help!

Pay per Click? What is SEA?

The world is changing. Advertising is also changing. For many years companies used the traditional offline advertising channels as their main marketing tool. Nowadays more companies are exploring the new marketing tools, such as Search Engine Advertising (SEA). If you want to know more about SEA, please contact us.

Get more traffic & pay by performance

Many companies are searching for ways to get more traffic to their website. Most channels are using “per click” payment models. However, within the online marketing world there is also a channel which uses a “performance based” payment model. this channel is called “Affiliate Marketing”. The affiliate marketing channel offers you a perfect way to work together with other websites and pay them per sale or per lead. Please contact us if you would like to receive more information about affiliate marketing.

Share with everyone

Social media is the new thing in the online marketing world. In the US this online marketing channel is further in its development then in Europe. Europe is however catching up. More people are active on Twitter, Facebook, Hyves, or other social media websites. What does this mean for you? Please contact us and we will help!

Not everyone is the same

The easiest way to contact your customer is by E-mail. You can inform them about your new products, special offerss, coupons, etc. E-mail is often used as a mass-communication-tool – in other words: “one message –> many recipients”. Is this the right way of using E-mail marketing? We believe that this is not the case. If you want to know more, contact us.