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Social media is the new thing in the online marketing world. In the US this online marketing channel is further in its development then in Europe. Europe is however catching up. More people are active on Twitter, Facebook, Hyves, or other social media websites. What does this mean for you? Please contact us and we will help!

Social Networking vs. Business Networking

The websites MySpace, Facebook, Hyves and Twitter, are well-known but what is the purpose of these websites? These websites are created for social networking. Although this purpose is not business focussed, more companies have started to use them. Most brands, such as Coca Cola, Dell, and most apparel brands have created their facebook page. Besides these social networking websites there are also business networking websites. These websites have a business focus and not “share your life-focus”. The most popular website is: LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is an online business community of 14 million people. LinkedIn is based on the idea that weak ties tend to be more important than strong ties, a la Six Degrees of Separation.

“Your friends, after all, occupy the same world that you do. They might work with you, or live near you, and go to the same churches, schools, or parties. How much, then, would they know that you wouldn’t know? Your acquaintances, on the other hand, by definition occupy a very different world than you. They are much more likely to know something that you don’t.”

Quote: sociologist Mark Granovetter

The LinkedIn community helps you to research and make connections with people who know the people you know, who can then become prospects for you with potentially lucrative projects.

From experience we know that LinkedIn is a perfect tool to stay in contact with industry specialists and new people, who you have met at an business event. Instead of sending a regular email to whom you have exchanged business cards, you send them a LinkedIn invitation. The invitation has got a double function. You are able to do the follow up and you have access to his/her network. Please contact us if you would like to know more about business online networking.

What is your Twitter Code of Conduct?

Nowadays everyone is present on Twitter – it is nice to share everything with everyone. But is this also the case for businesses? Are you not affraid for information leaks and other liabilities? Companies are now drafting guidelines for social media interaction. So this also means a code of conduct for Twitter. Is your company using twitter as a marketing and/or public relation tool? Please start thinking about your twitter code of conduct. If you want to know more about the imporantance of a twitter code of conduct, please contact us